Project track

Every project is presented annually by the year of completion. Approximately I’ve had 2-4 projects on-going at the same time.



Online courses: I have launched several courses in the areas of communication, innovation, project and strategic management

Marketing: Campaign copies, videos and running in social media and SEO optimizing



Probe integration: Integrating probe data with geolocation data in Indonesia. 

Geolocation solution: Acceptance of solution in Vietnam after successful implementation completion.

Decision making system: Started a new project to create decision making system for maritime logistics operators in Europe. This is my startup c-founded with Italian friend. System has first versions available for discussion and further development.



Geolocation solution: System expansion to cover three network vendors and all technologies (2G, 3G, 4G) to cover whole Indonesia. Also started and implemented expansion in Vietnam to cover customer's 4G network in two biggest cities in the country. Also two proof of concepts, one in South East Asia and another in Europe.

Geolocation integration: Project to have both RAN and probe data integrated for two technologies (3G, 4G) for better analysis of customer experience with applications.



Geolocation solution: Delivered final acceptances for both projects in Vietnam and Indonesia. Indonesian project included three different network vendors and all technologies (2G, 3G, 4G) for Java area.



Geolocation solution: Delivered succesfully first phase of system in Vietnam. I also started second geolocation project in Indonesia by the end of the year.



Geolocation solution: I started working in US-Taiwanese company to deliver world-wide geo-location and analytical solutions to telecom operators. First project kicked off in Vietnam. 

 Safety solution: I started in this project April 2013. My first task for the project was to analyze requirements and evaluate if it's possible to implement them into SAP. We decided to use SAP and I worked as a technical project manager. I was also responsible of contract negotiations, financial affairs (checking the bills against achievements) and procurement. My last tasks were in testing and go-live planning after separate development (into organization’s SAP landscape).

This project was quite challenging both because we had a lot of people who haven’t used SAP before and because of high integrations to other SAP modules than SAP EHSM.


SAP development: We developed SAP TDMS (Test Data Migration Server) industry solution add-on with SAP developers in co-operation with other nations. I was FDF
product owner and also tested the new features in our landscape. It was great to work straight with SAP and fulfill our initial requirements almost at the same time we finished our own TDMS implementation.

Process re-engineering: I was called to an on-going project which consisted of process re-engineering, change management and go-live team. After a new project manager was recruited I transferred this project on her behalf. This project supported highly our new  organization which started in the beginning of 2015 and in which we established a central support organization and logistics center.

Change request management: I offered my expertise time to time concerning how we manage change requests in project world and how we should develop the authorization for different roles. Before change request management was implemented, we had a preparation project where we did SAP Solution manager re-structuring to be
able to use SAP ChaRM.



SAP basis: We implemented SAP TDMS (Test Data Migration Server) and I was the project manager. I started with collecting requirements from processes, planned with my team scrambling rules and then did the needed work to do technical go-live with the tool and took it one part of the basis team toolbox. After go-live we developed with SAP development parts for the industry solution (tested with our solution).

NATO framework: FDF tested SAP system with interfaces to NATO systems and also other nations’ systems. I worked in a team leader role, I had 3 SAP experts and 2
technical support engineers in my team. We developed 12 interfaces using agile approach and tested a web interfaces to demonstrate presentation layer in the system for C level managers. This was a part-time role divided to different months planned mostly before exercise but realization, testing and documenting were done in 3 weeks. I created a demonstration how we could use the developed framework for our national purposes and offered situational awareness presentation of logistics support to generals. I liked the international working group we worked with and it was great to be able to develop something which had a real life need in operations.

: I was a technical project manager in our HCM project. I was responsible of test team, technical evaluations, authorizations and change request management.



NATO framework: FDF tested SAP system with interfaces to NATO systems and also with a system from United and States. I worked in a team leader role, I had 2 SAP
experts and 2 technical support engineers in my team. We developed 8 interfaces using agile approach. This was a part-time role divided to different months, planned mostly before but realization, testing and documenting were done in 3 weeks. My role was related to general support for the SAP system as well and the solutions linked to logistics.

Data migration: We started our data migration project on May 2009. I was customer team leader and our team consisted of 15 persons of different SAP areas. We did
both SAP-SAP migrations and also legacy system migrations. The team was smaller after 2 years. For me this was my first SAP project manager position and I learned a lot from my team because they were experts in integration and specific SAP modules.



Outsourcing: We evaluated, planned and prepared outsourcing of our administrative systems. During this project we continued several tasks of previous administrative system project (for example CMDB go-live, transferred applications to new servers and locations).



Change management: I was a member of change management team with a responsibility of communication. I had a pleasure to work with 3 conscripts who did our
presentations, intranet sites and other materials for example brochures and large posters. I also communicated in different events about our program. After I left this core team, I gave them opinions and directions time to time in my PMO role until I quite my job for FDF 2015.



Administrative systems: I was a project secretary for a project which did changes to network, platform/server architecture and applications.



Master thesis: I planned and wrote my master thesis of digital content and communication clusters. I was the only one who was responsible of work but I had supervisor
who helped by giving feedback and guidance.



Parliament elections: I assisted several candidates in campaign planning, execution and team leadership (training, scheduling and managing of team members). After the
elections I did the analysis of the results for different purposes.



President elections: I was a regional campaign manager for Finland’s president elections youth marketing activities. This included team building and scheduling of tasks.



Website project: I planned, executed and did the go-live for a youth organization website. There were no website before this project and we used basic HTML to make a
working template but we moved the site to Joomla! Content management system after two years.



Municipal elections: I was a candidate and I had to plan, execute and report about my campaign. I had about 8 persons in my team to execute and identify campaign tasks. I used this campaign as well as a part of student union representative elections.