I'm a positive and open-minded person who looks for new challenges and feels good when can develop new concepts and methods to work better. I have a long history with the Youth League of National Coalition Party and this teached me a lot. During years of 2005 to 2008 I also worked for that organization. These years we over doubled the member base and dismounted our events to whole South East Finland: first we had three active cities and after I stopped my work we had active people in nearly 10 cities.

I also worked from 2005 until 2008 as a salesman. Almost all of customers were private people. To my mind selling is a key capability to every job – if you can sell your ideas to other people, you'll find yourself to be more successful on your work and free-time.

I worked for Finnish Defence Forces as a project manager, planning manager, HR systems development manager and deputy project manager. My tasks included scope and budget management, procurement and financials, change management and daily project officer tasks in PMO environment. 

After military work I changed to Groundhog technologies. We helped telecom operators with geo-location and geo-analytic systems to run better, get better customer satisfaction and new business opportunities. This was a real word-wide job.

As a result of Covid 19 pandemic I wanted to get back from abroad to Finland and found myself again working with military as PMO director. My current work consists of strategic management and project directing by developing tools and techniques for management, leadership and innovation. As PMO director I'm involved in line management and in development of successful reporting and on-time analytical studies.

You may check my project track for different kind of projects I have managed.

Before I graduated, I was a researcher in one of our university subsidiaries. I studied local communication cluster and did my master's thesis consisting of bench-marking, statistical analysis and I also developed a model which was later studied more (innovation environment).

I see myself a story-builder who's able to communicate strategic objectives to the team, go detail in the business blueprinting and requirements, build up a feasible project plan and execute needed tasks on time and in budget. I know it's sometimes harder, detail level talks are needed. In a good project, we must start with a matrix of communication tasks, link them to decision makers and reference groups straight after the project plan is done.