How to drive your project into success

Project management isn't rocket science, but we often see the same reasons for failures. In this ebook I will share you the proven ways, how you could fix the common failures by using

  1. by right timing
  2. by advanced project management and
  3. by successful project habits.

I have collected research from CIO, Calleam, Harvard Business Review, Hive, KPMG, PMI and Wrike. These sources make reports annually about project management and also advice for better methodologies. 

Some highlights from the ebook. According to Harvard Business Review: "One in six projects saw a budget overrun of 200 percent", which is remarkable and you should apply advanced techniques like Earned Value Management to avoid this before it's too late. Earned Value Management will start indicating problems in budget, scope or schedule early enough. Another interesting fact comes from Wrike: "Only 64 percent of projects meet their goals". There can many reasons for this but most likely there's no real strategy or plan how the project will meet the target. You need to setup goals and follow them. It's important to have also project sponsors who support to meet the requirements and reach the target. According to PMI: "62 percent of completed projects included project sponsors who were actively supportive". You can keep your sponsor updated, find best ways to communicate to get them involved.

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