I have created several online courses. They are displayed here. If you join the course directly from my web page, you will get discounted price.


 Innovation Management

How to keep organization innovating day after day? How to drive success in the market by creating new business models, products, marketing or other types of innovation? This course will teach the very basics of innovations and innovation management, but it will also help you to start innovating! Your organization need to be ready, be prepared, executed and measured. Join this new course: Innovation Management.


Cyber Immunity

What is happening in today's cyber security world? How companies are changing their network, software and hardware better? The answer is cyber immunity. I have created a new course Cyber Immunity which will explain you the idea, transition from legacy cyber security to cyber immunity and give true life examples. Check out the newest edition, this course will be updated.


Strategic Communication

How to setup objectives for communication? Why some messages don't reach their target audiences? What kind of techniques there are? Strategic Communication course will teach all you need: plan your communication, execute your tasks and measure the results. This course will go through all steps needed in strategic communication.  


Strategic Management

All organizations need to have mission, vision and strategy. This course will teach strategic management from the bottom: basics and terminology, situation analysis, strategy formulation, strategy implementation and strategy evaluation. Join the course today and master strategic management!


Find and keep motivation

This course is about motivation: theory and practice. I will share my tools and tips how to improve your motivation and find your passion. This course has also examples of successful people who have managed to find their best skills and ways to increase efficiency or become highly motivated. Enroll now!


How to build successful project strategy?

In project management it's not enough that you only track and report in project or program level. You need to link all your doing first into project or program strategy which will later be part of enterprise strategy. If you success in your project, it will impact later into higher level. Today you can join this course with discounted price, click this link


How to drive your project into success?

I will share you my tips, tools and templates in this course for successful project management. It's suitable for anyone  interested in project management or planning to start new career in this position. If you only can put a little bit of time for learning, this will kick start your project. Enroll now!


Which programs success?

Make your programs strategic! Run them better. Strategic Program Management course will help you to find tools and model to run your programs. They are often part of enterprise annual or multi-annual strategic objectives and need special care. Enroll today with 30 days money back guarantee.


How to make better decisions?

My latest addition in Udemy is course about decision making. I've been thinking recently what can help to decide better, but also faster and how everybody can make this. It's a big potential for any person to make efficient decisions but also for companies to be able to educate new decision makers so that all have similar tools and strategies to make clear decisions. You need to be able to understand decision making in different countries as well which is part of the first chapter. See some sample lessons and decide to participate in Decision making masterclass.


Why some managers succeed in any team?

I created a course about cross-cultural management to teach you my techniques, habits and learning from working with many nationalities, personalities and cultures. Today's management is not only functional, tactical, strategic but always cross-cultural. We work with consultants, different teams and our functions are often outsourced. As a manager you need to know how to go through challenges and work together, meet the target and succeed. Take my course Successful cross-cultural management to become pro.


Who said project management is not strategic?

For me main goal is to meet business expectations. Whether it's project or line management, you always have the demand to meet expectations. For a project manager being on top means you need to change from tactical task manager to more advance, strategist. In my course Strategic project management I go through tools, techniques and methodologies to become all of this: visionary strategist, better manager and more importantly efficient communicator.


You can also learn deeper about Digital Strategy Success or Technology Strategy Success courses. Both of them will provide template to use in your first strategies.