My website has been up and running from the beginning of year 2011. I enjoy publishing articles, videos and stories in the areas of innovation, project and strategic management. This has been my work and passion from the times of university studies. I started to publish online courses in September 2018 and some of the articles are related to my courses and Youtube videos.

Since 2015 I've been living in Taipei. I see myself as an explorer, traveler and experience collector. In Taiwan I'm writing sometimes about my life, work and differences or similarities with Finnish society. However after been here five years it's been less and less in this area.

In today's world,we should be more global citizens, move where are opportunities and be happy about our lives, good health and work-free time balance. In year 2014 I traveled a lot, met a lot of people and I understood that in our lives, only simple things are needed and living with prosperity doesn't make you a better person. If you can share, give something from yourself, I think you'll be successful where ever you be or go.