Learning from Dalai Lama

Dalai Lame sounds more like a politician than a religious leader, but he once was in both roles: political and religious leader for Tibetan people. He gave up role as political leader, and has ever since enjoyed good publicity and kept Tibetan issues on table.


In a speech posted on the internet and delivered in the northern Indian hill town of Dharamasala, the Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader said he would ask the Tibetan parliament in exile to make the necessary constitutional changes to relieve him of his "formal authority" as head of the Tibetan community outside China. This was his biggest decision.

The best advice for me is the last one. If you ever decide anything, do not regret. This will keep negative energy on top and will never help you to see future. Instead recognize mistakes or wrong decisions and make needed corrections.

Highlights of the year

At the end of the year 2019 it's a good time for everyone to think about highlights of the year. I also do this, not only once a year; I reserve time to reflect with myself time to time. It helps you to understand your goals and how to achieve them, and see if there's anything you need to change or adapt to make them reachable. 


In positive thinking it's important to see good things, put less time to disappointments or negative thinking. It's not always easy. It's a decision, desire to go forward, keep passion and motivation no matter what will come to you.


These are my highlights for the year 2019.


I discovered two new continents, two new countries this year


During the Chinese New Year I wanted to travel to United and States of America. Basically the reason for me was that I want to know is the news correct, how Americans actually differ from Europeans and of course wanted to see LA and Hollywood, San Francisco and the scene of startups. What I found was a country with quite high prices, almost the same as in northern Europe. Even if you want to buy something small, you end up spending quite a lot of dollars. Usually they also put value added tax, no need to talk about tips. That was actually interesting to note: it's not always expected or needed, there are taxes and service fees by legislation, too.


LA was my first destination. I booked motel style hotel with big room in an area nearby the attractions but with many Mexicans. It was raining, I was wet and tired after the flight but once I got to the hotel the service was excellent. There was a nice guy hosting and he helped out to keep my stuff since I went for a lunch before the room was available. First lunch (if not count the great hot dog at the airport) was tacos. Best of ever!


What I did in LA was mostly just around Hollywood, famous buildings, etc. Hollywood, no movie stars on my visit. Then I went to San Francisco were I stayed in a cozy Italian family hotel. That was an old building, playing movie style music, donuts for the breakfast and so on. It was another experience.


Here I spend more time. Wandering around, finding interesting spots and of course saw the famous buildings. Surprisingly I didn't note so much vibrant startup culture, but I didn't visit Silicon valley itself. I do noted the business district, people with busy schedules and good outfit. Not so many "over-sized" people, for sure because of the need to attract.


All in all, been there and done that. Eaten the food, enjoying the live but not really miss back.


Second new place was Australia. Actually the reason to go there now was that I still lived in Asia and it took less time and this was my birthday gift to myself. I decided to go to Sydney, also to Canberra since it's nearby. I scheduled everything easier and better, booked very nice flights with cheap price and in totally not spend so much as to US. Even if there's also long flight from Taipei to Sydney.


Canberra, oh I really liked it. It was well managed, planned, new city around the waters. Just visited some great places like old bus depot market, art galleries, libraries, wandered around to places I happened to find. Enjoyed European food, British style and then also saw the parliament which is amazing. Really, really amazing building itself and great place to learn about politics. However my Australian-Finnish friend told me people just hate politics in Australia, especially politicians who have good salary and countless ways to keep in good position


After seen Canberra I changed back to Sydney. It's amazing as well with arts and buildings (you have to see the opera house at least). My colleague suggested to go to Blue mountains, I booked expensive day trip to there. That was surprisingly huge, the tour guide told us it's much, much bigger than Grand Canyon in the US. So basically I really liked this trip and the things he explained and told us.


Australians tend to be extremely friend. I just didn't notice it before. They have great country. I even visited one meetup about Design thinking and got to know at least five people who shared me experiences of Australia, suggested places to go and told about their society, business, jobs, etc. So nice meetup and also with free food and drinks. This made me feel like I want to live in this vibrant place. Maybe some day.


New skills and self enhancement


I learned a lot this year. I have done coding before for web environment and I do know about basic programming in C#, SQL and HTML This year I discussed with my friend about an idea to build a system for maritime logistics companies. I decided to make an application by myself. Since I enjoy easiness, I decided to do it with ASP.net framework. This is actually very easy way to build almost anything, you can just put your computer an environment with Visual studio and MS SQL server. That's all! You can then start coding from zero


Since it was fun to think about this as a project, I also created free online course where I put some of my learning. This is not about coding. I believe we all need some motivation, research and information before we start. I put up it for myself first, then I shared it to global community. It felt good to get feedback about it!


One major thing I studied and tried this year was video editing. I have done my online courses before by just uploading videos without any editing. I wanted to make them a bit better, put some music and topics and also for YouTube I want to post later more enhanced videos. I believe it's getting easier for me now, but some more learning and especially trying is need to master this.


I also started to learn about online marketing, like social media targeting and what kind of options big players have to make sales. I'm still learning, not put so much effort on that this year. Mainly focused on some other things I also needed to enhance.


Online tutoring and courses


I joined Udemy over one year ago and started to create courses. It has been fun to share own skills and experiences through this platform. Udemy is very simple to use and you can easily publish your courses. I have gained this experience now and can say there are some parts which you maybe spend too much time, when you should do something else. Some of the most popular courses like Strategic Project Management and Successful Cross-cultural Management were not only fun to do, but also great way to put together own experiences and publish something useful to others. I keep updating the content and maybe some day there will be hours of content.


I have tried to publish also on other platforms like YouTube and Skillshare, but they aren't so highly marketed from the beginning as Udemy. You can also get passive income from both of them and even use same content or modified content in all different platforms. I would say most important thing to learn is your own appearance on video, how to talk and what kind of style you move, etc. This will certainly get better after done more. 


As a conclusion


For me this year has been fun: I experienced new places, met new people and learned new skills. I will setup my new target to next year, plan some changes and also make decisions about the next steps. I believe my thinking, which you can find in another online course Find and keep motivation, can help also others to make next year's plan. It's important to know what you want to achieve and the rest will follow! Believe in success, go over disappointment, decide your own steps!

Keep up motivation!

Sometimes you feel that easiest solution is to quite or change to another place, direction, position. The way how you manage these feelings is a key in your success. You will never feel motivated if you stuck on negative things, not see outside.


The truth is that people who are able to keep in situations which are not most desirable, will also reach better their targets and success in life, in good or bad times. If you not like everything at your job, you can do not so desired tasks first, then you can have more time to better, more motivating tasks.


If you have difficulties in your current things, try to find something you like, what you enjoy and make it the most important thing in your current state. It can be a new area you’re studying or a new hobby, something which motivates you.


Below picture gives examples how to manage a situation when you need to keep up.

Expectancy matters for us

Vroom’s expectancy theory is based on three different factors:

1.       Expectancy – a person’s belief that more effort will result in success, if you work harder, it will result in better performance,

2.       Instrumentality – the person’s belief that there is a connection between activity and goal, if you perform well, you will get reward and

3.       Valence – the degree to which a person values the reward, the results of success.


Based on these factors you can count total motivation like in below picture.

Expectancy is more related to your attitude, while instrumentality is external encourages like there’s a price after completion (sports, business). For management it’s more difficult to affect how each person values the positive outcome, third factor valence.


Below picture is an example how to use Vroom’s expectancy theory in motivation.