New course: Cyber Immunity

I have launched a new course Cyber Immunity. It will explain transition from cyber security to cyber immunity, latest IT security topic in the area of creating networks, hardware and software working better and proactively.


Cyber Immunity is a hot topic from companies like Darktrace and Kasperky's. They have created already real life products. I will introduce examples in this course.


Because of the new launch, if you enroll with this link and are lucky, you will pay nothing. If you didn't catch the free enrollment, you still have Udemy's 30 days full money back guarantee and discounted price with same link.


OFFER: Cyber Immunity course

Barack Obama and decision making

Barack Obama is not only a former president. His influence is still high, he is very often asked for a speech in different situations or events.  When Barack Obama had to make big decisions during his time as a president, he assembled a team to confer with him in the White House Situation Room.  From there, he used a set of specific guidelines which helped him to make a decision.

By also listening people who are not the most proficient in the new area, you can reach more. Remember to have some people who not always say yes, but ask you to reach higher expectations. Challenge yourself and understand everything is not visible in the beginning.

Find your passion!

A good way to find your passion is by asking questions:

1.       What things make you feel good,

2.       Which achievements have made you happy and

3.       Where you want to be in next 1, 3, 5 years.

You can also think about your status now, after one month and after three months. Just take some time to think about, make new plans and see current good, bad things. After you have mentally accepted your status and goals, you can feel more motivated, find passion.


To get better in doing, what you like think about these:

1.       Learn on your own,

2.       Take classes and

3.       Practice with others.


It’s important to not only study alone, but share your learning with others. You can have a learning partner, you can improve your skills in sports or any other area you feel happy. Inspiration can be anything: theater, movies, music, books, traveling, getting to know new people, and so on. Have something which is outside your normal life, learn new things or have a hobby to enhance other skills. Take a trip time to time, find new ways to enjoy.


Below picture concludes ways to find your passion.

Two-factor theory, a key to improve your organization?

Two-factor theory starts with feelings, attitudes and their connection. This will affect either positive or negative to outcomes. How we are able to do our jobs? What incentives we have to complete affects? By answering these questions you can evaluate your level of motivation.


As its name, there are two groups of factors that affect to level of motivation:

1.       Motivator factors like involvement in decision making, feedback, reputation and

2.       Hygiene factors like working conditions, security and salary.


In below graph you can easily notice that in the beginning hygiene factors have higher impact to motivation. Later on not only raise in salary or other simple conditions have such a big impact. Motivator factors have much higher impact after basic things are fine.

Two-factor theory is extremely useful in enhancing working places and making changed which will keep people satisfied and also meet the requirements and get successful. There are many competitions and other development approaches organizations can use to make their people more likely to stay concentrated into best results.


Below picture gives you an example how to enhance your motivation by using techniques based on two-factor theory.