What strategic managers do?

Jocelyn Kung gives three examples for crisis management strategies in Forbes:

1. What to cut: future survivors need the most significant, fast cost structure changes

2. What to preserve: for keeping perspective and also the importance perspectives and

3. Where to take risks: important in both establishing the business and changing existing, note future is often unclear.


You’re often in a situation where you need to react fast. These three strategies may also happen without any crisis, to be prepared for changes in the future.


Harvard Business review lists several tasks for Organization Strategy Management office:

1. create and manage scorecard,

2. align the organization,

3. review strategy,

4. develop strategy,

5. communicate strategy,

6. manage strategic initiatives and

7. integrate strategies priorities to other support functions.


This article assumes that strategic management team needs someone behind the scenes helping in these tasks. If you’re a future strategy manager, these tasks are for you and possible your team.


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Successful Project Manager skills: Time Management Sharing, Overtime and Planning the End of Week

Some managers really ask you to go over the limit until you say no. This happened at my work quite often. So what we did with my closest colleagues was that sometimes Fridays we planned a meeting day outside our regular office. Then we finished it usually earlier and left also earlier.

Since working went always overtime, it helped to know that Friday will be off early. You were able to push yourself harder before and also to finish at least on time once a week.

If you don’t have colleagues to help in this, plan for example group exercises starting in reasonable time. Don’t cancel but always go there at a certain time. This will pay back with healthier work-life balance.

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Successful Project Manager skills: Time Management Tools

There many online tools such as Trello which you can use to manage time. They can help in team work.  Typically companies also have project systems where you can follow work by tasks or HR and ERP systems where all time is recorded.

For myself best way to manage time is thinking two steps forward. I’m thinking my own tasks but also my project tasks. I have a clear idea what’s going to happen, then I can reach the objectives later and communicated time to team and stakeholders.

Different kind of trackers for issues or bugs are useful in project management to have an idea or prioritizing tasks.  To do lists are some cases needed. I often make before holiday a list which I continue after I come back. This helps to start efficiently.

To avoid unnecessary work you can follow lean management or value stream mapping techniques to know what’s exactly needed. They reduce the waste, unnecessary work. It will be good for keeping the schedules and manage time.

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