Interesting reading

I read a book about EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) until the end during my christmas vacation in Thailand in December. That book can be purchased from SAP Press store: Understanding SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Performance Management. To my mind it is a good basic introduction to EPM issues including costing and reporting.

Nowadays many companies pay attention to implement systems without hard knowledge about their goals. The book gives nice piece of advice for developing your company metrics and KPIs (key performance indicators) or KRIs (key risk indicators). Without EPM strategy there's no advantage of implementing a system. If you start a project to develop EPM strategy and implement right pieces of software to the system remember to include enough experts to your team.

I'm interested in company cost planning, controlling and reporting. That's why I want to read more about this kind of books. In my opinion you cannot achieve a big success if you don't know what happens inside your company or business areas.