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Great day, make big decisions.

Did you know that most of us fail in big decisions?

It's because we're not strategic. I did same mistakes time after time before I realized how to be strategic. You must know that there's a reason why others success, others do okay or most likely just failed. What would you say if I tell you it's easy? You maybe think I'm just kidding!

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Learn project management to gain skills for strategies

Project management skills are often underestimated because some organizations use these positions for something else. They don’t understand the basics for starting and ending, not continuous status which is operations. Schedule, scope and budget are coming from strategic process and analyzed in portfolio analysis. It means there’s no reason to have a project without a strategic objective, a goal.


To be better in project management there are tools like portfolio management and earned value calculation. Background in project management is good for strategy managers. Program manager is more experienced; and in program management level decisions are no longer for one work package or task level like in projects.


Certifications can help to learn basics about project management. But real experience is much more important for any project manager. That’s why only through experiences, not just a short term, managers become better. At least need to be part of the project team.

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Be sometimes difficult and say NO!

Barack Obama says he often listened people who said no. This is a good way to get other members of board interested. You will surprise and stop discussion. Then it can be analyzed together more. Careful analysis will have several scenarios to select from, all of them have benefits and risks, etc.


Strategy managers setup direction with others. That’s why saying no is controlling.  Because strategic objectives and goals need commitment, it’s important to be sure about direction. Advice why something isn’t correct and need to be changed early enough.

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